Much like their human counterparts, dogs need exercise. The most common cause of destructive behavior at home is a dog that isnít getting walked enough. Without at least thirty minutes of daily exercise a dog will often get bored and frustrated and that leads to behavioral issues. People often ask me if letting the dog out in their backyard is good enough? Itís not. I always answer that question by saying a big backyard is a nice addition but not a substitution. Dogs often wonít play on their own unsupervised in the backyard and they also miss out on new smells and sights they would find on a neighborhood walk. The only way for dogs to get accustomed to other dogs and kids, cars, bicycles etc. is to encounter them. Ideally a dog should get 2-3 walks every day.

Daily walks are a great way to socialize your dog! Some people of course donít have time every day to walk their dog as they are busy with work or school or other responsibilities. Thatís where our dog walker comes to the rescue!. Thatís a much better solution than feeling bad that youíre neglecting an important member of your home.

Meet our wonderful dog walker!

Quincy Yarbrough is a longtime dog lover and owner of two rescues, Georgia and Daisy. Before adopting her little angels, she grew up around all kinds of animals, big and small. Sheís never shied away from a challenge or getting her hands dirty. Living in rural Texas meant working with everything from dogs and cats to pigs and horses and even the occasional goat. It wasnít long before she developed a passion for animals, and especially dog training. From an early age she began volunteering at her local animal shelter, learning how to handle and exercise dogs, as well as basic dog training skills.

Quincy is a experienced dog walker, specializing in training a dog to Heel. Heeling is important as it requires mental energy as much as it does physical energy. No one wants their dog to pull them down the street or veer from side to side. You want your dog to walk right by your side and on a loose leash. This makes for a well-balanced workout, a relaxed owner and a polite dog.

Please contact us for Basic dog walking, Heeling or Teaching your Dog to Heel.