I can't say enough good things about Kenny. Our dog is only 11-months old, but has made such incredible progress because of training with Kenny. Our neighbors and friends are so impressed with how well-behaved Gus has become. The private sessions are as much about training you as they are training your dog. This was huge for me. Kenny was able to clearly explain why Gus behaves and reacts the way he does in various situations, and how adjustments to my behavior and the way I interact with Gus can produce desirable results.

The training sessions are just plain fun, too. We loved going just as much as Gus did!

I highly recommend Kenny's services.

Andrew B.


We are so glad we found K9 Kenny and invested the time and money in having him teach us how to better communicate with Gus! We marvel at how different Gus is now than before we did the training. Kenny is attentive, thorough, engaging, and patient. The training sessions were always the hightlight of our week.

Jeff B.


Ken is seriously the best! You won't even recognize your dog after training with him. Total dog whisperer.

Shena K.


Kenny was really helpful in giving me the necessary tools to work with my dog with her behavior issues. I really appreciate how his advice was very personalize to my dog and I's needs and he was always quick to respond when I emailed him with questions. I'd recommend him!

Grace K.


Ken helped us so much! My dog had a terrible pulling problem. She weights about 60 lbs and she would just about rip off my arm every time I took her out of the house. Every squirrel, bird, or other dog would get her full attention and it was like I didn't even exist outside of the house. I was even scared to hire a dog walker while I was at work because I was so afraid a dog walker wouldn't be able to hold on to her. With Ken's help I am now able to go on leisurely neighborhood jogs with my dog without much thought and my new dog walker has no idea Ellie was ever a bad puller:) My relationship with my dog is now much more relaxed and enjoyable. I highly recommend Ken to help you solve similar problems!

Kathryn S.


Kenny worked with me and my 1 year old dog Coco on her severe separation anxiety. Coco was tearing apart my furniture and when I tried to crate train her, she had a really bad anxiety attack and badly injured herself.

Kenny was diligent in working with me to understand Coco's triggers in her initial assessment and even came to my house to work with her. After only 2 weeks, Coco improved incredibly!! She has learned to be independent and she no longer damages my house or injures herself!


Laura B.


Kenny is the most professional caring personal trainer we've met!! He was very straightforward and did not hesitate to tell us if we were doing something wrong, I appreciate the honesty and have come a long way from where we were at the beginning!! Am proud to say put rescue pitbull is very well behaved and is much better with people. Even more she now is not only crate trained and follows commands, but she does exceptionally well when boarded! Very grateful.

Melissa F.


Ken has been great! My pup Gemma (aka Hippo, aka Albino Rhino) and I have had five sessions so far and Gemma and I are both learning a LOT! Ken is incredibly responsive, flexible, and has provided us with so much help and knowledge. Gemma's behavior and skills are improving more and more every day. Thanks Ken!!!

Gina D.


Kenny has been fantastic!! In just a few sessions, he has got my little Cosmo listening to me like never before. He is very attentive and listens to any questions or concerns I may have. I've worked with several different dog trainers, but K9 Kenny is by far the best. I've already recommended him to several of my friends!!

Guilherme C.


Kenny does a great job training dogs AND the people who love them. Our dogs problem behaviors have either been reduced or have disappeared.Highly recommend!

Joan U.

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Brad R.
7d ago

Kenny is great! My dog has made incredible improvements in just a few sessions, and continues to improve. Kenny is good about making clear what needs to be corrected and how to go about doing so. I would definitely recommend him!

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My dog and I had a very positive experience with Ken. He was prompt, thorough at the lessons addressing training issues, and he had a very applicable follow up by email to each session. He brought props to assist in the training with an hour full of helpful tips while practicing on your dogs needs As well as your own training techniques. I was trained much more than my dog so I could be successful with training issues.

Ken has a pleasant demeanor making him a pleasure to work beside and I have had significant improvement in my techniques for a happier dog and owner.

I appreciate what I have learned and highly recommend Ken's services.

Cindy M.


Kenny is amazing! We adopted our rescued blue nose pitbull terrier at 18 months and she was good but became overprotective of our house and would nip people. We found Kenny and he helped build our confidence back up. Thanks to him we are able to take star on trips and even to the store, thanks to Kenny star found her forever home!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

Melissa F.


Ken is a life saver. And his talent was evident from the start of our first session. I heard about him in a "word of mouth" old-school way after researching all the big name dog training businesses around town online, and I could not believe how fair his prices were, how flexible he is about scheduling and how much access he gives you -- allowing you to contact him whenever you have questions.

He helped us identify what our dog, Sussman, who is a rescue, needs to feel safe and function better. When Ken first came over, I was at my whit's end dealing with my sweet dog's fear-based aggression. At the end of our first discussion, he told to me have faith -- that it would all work out. What I realized in that moment is that he had given me hope. (As cheesy as that sounds.) She has made incredible strides, and despite our crazy schedules, he has worked with us to make it happen. I am so relieved we called him!

Cadien C. A.


Ken is great. I adopted a year old lab from a shelter that was a stray. While it had a sweet temperament, it was wild and required a lot of training. I am glad that I hired Ken. He is very accommodating and honest, which is much appreciated. He provides great feedback, as well as, advice for areas of improvement after each training session. He is also realistic in setting training goals and expectations. I would recommend Ken in a heartbeat.

Nerissa B.


We had one one-hour session working on integrating dog and cat. In one hour we weren't able to get to much integration techniques but I did learn more effective ways to communicate with the dog and I saw the dog learn a new behavior rather quickly. I recommend Kenny to others.

Jennifer V.


Kenny understands the psychology of dogs well. He has lots of insights and provides many recommendations to get your dog doing what you want her to do. We have met with him twice and are very satisfied so far. We purchased a 6 hour package deal.

Kristen O.


We had one session so far with Kenny, and it has been very beneficial already. He was great with my dog and gave me good instruction to take home. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a good trainer for their doggy.

Emmi C.


Ken was great with my dog. He's passionate as well as informative. My dog benefitted greatly from our four sessions with Ken. He's been better behaved and even seems happier and more relaxed.

Sharon P.