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Why Training Your Dog is Essential

My name is Kenny. I am a certified dog trainer in Austin, Texas. People often ask me how important it is to get their dog trained. Here is what I tell them.

A trained dog helps make for a happy and harmonious household. There are three things a dog needs to live a happy life: physical exercise, mental exercise and communication. It is communication where training enters the equation. Dogs need to know the rules and need to know who is in charge. Without structure they are easily confused and this usually leads to unwanted behaviors. When you walk your dog he should be heeling by your side not pulling six front feet of you. That will help avoid unnecessary confrontations with other dogs. When you come to a door your dog should automatically sit and wait for you to allow him to go through the door. If you drop food on the floor your dog should look to you for permission to eat it. When guests visit, your dog should not jump on them. Basic obedience training will set the ground rules and create good behaviors while helping to eliminate the unwanted ones. Once your dog knows you are his friend and have his back but are still the unquestioned alpha dog, communication will have been established. A trained dog is indeed a happy dog.

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